Wild About Arches (National Park)

The power of nature is superior to human’s speculation. When I look your pictures, I feel the truth. Thank you so much!

roads bel travelled

“Slice of life becomes part of the mosaic of your times” – Charles Champlin

I desperately needed a break from life. I wanted something extraordinary and felt visiting Moab would be the perfect vacation. It took us close to 12 hours of driving to get there. It should have been 11 hours but we got sidetracked with the Spotted Wolf Canyon on the way. Who wouldn’t be distracted with this canyon? It’s absolutely stunning.

img_9199-1 Spotted Wolf Canyon

You know those rare moments where reality is better than your dreams? I knew from the second I stepped into Arches National Park it was the beginning of a new adventure. My writing won’t do justice for the beautiful yet terrifyingly rugged terrain still stuck in my mind like jammed staples in a stapler

fullsizerender-1 Road to Arches

We arrived a little before sunset thinking we’d have enough time to see the Delicate Arch. In our…

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